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Storage systems

CARREL SYSTEM has been developed through constant research and the analysis of storage problems related to managing storage space, handling goods and keeping warehouses tidy. These trolleys are specifically designed for the transport and storage of packed and unpacked furniture, fittings and stock in general, and provide an ideal solution to these problems. Indeed, CARREL SYSTEM rationalizes warehousing and makes the best use of the space available. Thanks to our trolleys, all storage compartments will be kept tidy. When not in use, these trolleys can be folded down and fit into one another, so do not take up any space. With CARREL SYSTEM, warehouse handling operations are cut by half, even if managed by one warehouse-keeper and with bulky products. These time-saving features make it possible to reduce shipping mistakes dramatically. They also allow the user to change the warehouse layout at any time, thus solving problems like humidity and piling. In a nutshell, the CARREL SYSTEM will allow you to save money and, as an investment, its payback period is much shorter than that of normal amortization. Our technical office is always available to answer your company's storage needs.

Thorough research.
Our products are developed through constant, logistics research. Their solid, foldable structure and rational design make them highly functional. One of the main features of our trolleys is the Wheel Group system, which was designed to guarantee the highest functionality possible during loading, transporting stock through the warehouse and parking. The wheels, produced in compliance with Italian regulations (UNI standards) and international regulations (ISO), are manufactured exclusively for CARREL SYSTEM. They are made of reinforced, red nylon, as nylon is a material that guarantees perfectly smooth movement even with loads of up to 800 Kg and it also prevents the wheels from becoming oval after long periods of storage, unlike rubber wheels. Thanks to their sturdiness, these wheels can run smoothly over uneven surfaces as well. To give you a clearer idea of how resilient this type of wheel is, just think that if it were dropped from a height of 10 metres, it would rebound elastically, absorbing the blow without scratching. The wheel group is equipped with two front brakes that block the trolley during loading, and a rear, directional control that, when applied, controls the trolley movement through the warehouse, and prevents skidding. Finally, when the trolley is parked, the brakes and directional control can be disconnected, in order to let the wheels rotate freely (360°), making it much easier to park the trolley.

ROTAR 1300 ROTAR 2000 ROTAR 2500
Rotars do not just help during loading/unloading, but are always very practical. When folded, they take up very little space and are versatile too. Thanks to the directional control, they can easily be manoeuvred, and turn perfectly, even in very narrow corridors.

ROTAR 1300 stackable ROTAR 2000 stackable ROTAR 2500 stackable
Thanks to the stackable Rotar model, even small warehouses can 'double in size'. The new manufacturing concept of these trolleys enables them to support heavy loads, without losing their manageability. The neat structure of this model, characterized by the absence of any projecting elements, is, therefore, ideal for loading goods onto motor vehicles.

MICROTAR is designed for small products, such as small pieces of furniture, wardrobes and bookcases. It is widely used in the furnishing sector.


The most suitable alternative for warehouses with low ceilings. This trolley is particularly innovative since it allows you to store very long objects horizontally.

ROTAR Portasalotto 2 piani
This Rotar model means it is possible to store couches, making the best use of the space available. You can position your couches on the two or three racks of the Rotar according to your needs.

ROTAR Portasalotto 3 piani
The ROTAR with 3 racks for storing couches is the right solution for making the best use of vertical space.

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