Rotars do not just help during loading/unloading, but are always very practical. When folded, they take up very little space and are versatile too

When not in use, Carrel System products can be folded and fit into one another.

Application of the directional control prevents the trolley from skidding.

  Thanks to the directional control, they can easily be manoeuvred, and turn perfectly, even in very narrow corridors.
Rotar 1300 (Cod. 013)
Rotar 2000 (Cod. 011)
Rotar 2500 (Cod. 010)
  The new manufacturing concept of these trolleys enables them to support heavy loads, without losing their manageability.
Rotar 1300 sovrapp. (Cod. 022)
Rotar 2000 sovrapp. (Cod. 012)
Rotar 2500 sovrapp. (Cod. 025)


  MICROTAR is designed for small products, such as small pieces of furniture, wardrobes and bookcases.
It is widely used in the furnishing sector.
Microtar (Cod. 014)
  This trolley is particularly innovative since it allows you to store very long objects horizontally.
Bi-Barra Maxi (Cod. 033)
Bi-Barra 2000
(Cod. 015)
Bi-Barra Micro
(Cod. 016)
Barra 2000
(Cod. 017)
  This Rotar model means it is possible to store couches, making the best use of the space available.
Portasalotto 2 piani est. (Cod. 018 est)
Portasalotto 2 piani all. (Cod. 019 all)
Portasalotto 3 piani fisso (Cod. 020)
Portasalotto 3 piani all. (Cod. *023)