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Carrel System

The innovative idea

The Carrel System Group stems from the necessity to solve the most common difficulties that occur in the warehouses. Whether the problems concern the space menagment or the indoor handling of goods, our carts are optimal for the furniture production sector both in the industrial field and in medium-sized warehouses or stores. Due to the medium- low handling intensity, the Carrel System Group has specialized in manifacturing simple, adaptable and low-cost carts.

Our technical department provides qualified analysis of every specific need, tailor-made design and a ready-to-use solution.

Carrel System

A careful search

Thanks to our solutions, we provide the possibility to set up a warehouse easily and quickly.

Each carts allows movement on the ground, they may be operated in every directions by means of the swivel wheels. The folding structure on two sides allows them to be stored in an orderly manner, minimizing the overall dimensions.

Our carts are built in order to allow the coupling of multiple carts, transportable by forklifts and transpallets.

Carrel System

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